Your safe space of hope and empowerment when you are dealing with infertility and unintended childlessness.

For a limited time Beyond Infertility Coach Dr. Natascha Hebell-Fernando, PhD is available for a Soul Alignment Breakthrough Session.

Yes, I watched your video...I really think you could help me….

Please help me recapture my confidence and self worth before the infertility and unintended childlessness crushed my spirit!  Empower me to believe in my life’s purpose so that I CAN FEEL LIKE MYSELF AGAIN!

What clients are saying:

  • Natascha Hebell

    “Before working with Dr. Natascha, I was feeling depressed. I felt I couldn’t control my emotions and felt lethargic and very anxious. Today I feel much calmer...more “even keeled.” And I don’t crave sugar anymore!””

  • Natascha Hebell

    “I was so upset that physically my body let me down. I am still struggling with some health issues but I realized that these health challenges do not define who I am. My purpose in life is now clear to me. I was able to move from being stuck in frustration to feeling productive.”

  • Natascha Hebell

    “She helped me gain a totally new perspective, balance my hormones and become more calm and able to deal with whatever comes along. Dr. Natascha listens to her clients and uses many different types of therapy to approach issues from a holistic perspective.”

Podcasts, Blogs and Interviews

Finding Your Purpose

Reflecting on being childlessness not by choice.


How I coped with childlessness and what helped me the most.

Coping With CNBC

Dealing with triggers when coping with infertility.

Beat Infertility Summit

Sharing my own story and looking back at 20+ years of ttc.

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If you are ready to overcome the trauma of infertility or being childless not by choice and live a life you truly love, then start by booking your Soul Alignment Breakthrough Session.

This is your opportunity to learn about our proven process to transform your heartache into understanding, so that you can live authentically with confidence, self-worth, clarity, passion and energy.

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Beyond Infertility & Childlessness: From Heartache to Soul Alignment

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Dr. Natascha helps women transform their deep disappointments, loss of confidence and hormonal imbalances due to infertility and unintended childlessness so that they can live a purpose driven life while inspiring others and improving the world.

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